James Kallstrom: ‘Mueller Should Have Never Accepted This Position’

‘I don’t know if he’s the subject of the Stockholm syndrome with President Obama or what’

KALLSTROM: "Very, very Disappointed in Bob Mueller, known him a long, long time. I was on his adviser board for almost a whole decade, and I don't know if he's the subject of the Stockholm syndrome with President Obama or what, but he is so far out of line with the people he hired, particularly the junkyard dog guy that's his deputy that went into Paul Manafort's house at 4:00 in the morning and dragged the wife out of bed. What an outrage, what a disgrace. He should be charged with a -- crimes, civil rights crimes for what he did there. It's an outrage, and Mueller should have never accepted this position. I mean, it clearly says in the enabling legislation that you cannot, you know, have a bias towards anything, he's got, you know, he's got a conflict of interest as wide and long as the Jersey turnpike. You know? So number one he was wrong in doing it. The deputy attorney general was totally wrong and irresponsible in appointing him, and, you know, the whole bunch of them are all involved in this uranium thing, and we need to find out what the heck is going on."

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