Rupert Murdoch: This Deal Gives Disney ‘a Huge Footprint in Asia and India’

‘I would be very optimistic about the future of Disney’


BARTIROMO: "So is part of the reason here is because things are changing so much that scale wins at the end of the day? I mean, when you look at entertainment assets, look 10 years down the road, do you think they will be lower valued than where they are today given the changes in consumer habits?"
MURDOCH: "No, I think -- well some yes some no. I think as far as news and sports that will be always be permanent and strong. I think that with direct consumer, big enough strong enough, and you are [indecipherable] as Disney [indecipherable]. The big thing about this is, this gives Disney a huge footprint across Europe and India which they don’t have now."
MURDOCH: "So I would be very optimistic about the future of Disney."

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