Politico’s Crowley: Americans Should Be Worried About the Mueller Smear Campaign

‘Is it to lay the ground work for President Trump to potentially fire Mueller — ‘

WILLIAMS: "How seriously should people take this smear campaign against Robert Mueller?"
CROWLEY: "Well, extremely seriously. If anything it's been building over time to what feels like is approaching a crescendo. And it actually predates these reports about the text messages between a couple of FBI officials. So although that has provided kind of rocket fuel for this idea that Mueller and his team were tainted, some sort of edict seems to have gone out around the time of Thanksgiving where the conservative outlets and members of Congress kind of fired up the jets to go after Mueller. And the big question, Brian, is what exactly is the goal here? Is it to lay the ground work for President Trump to potentially fire Mueller, or is this an attempt to create almost to taint the jury pool? To create a political climate in which Mueller's report, if he writes one as you know there's no guarantee he will submit one to Congress -- "

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