Josh Holmes: When Bannon ‘Was in the W.H., the Whole West Wing Operated Like Episode of Gossip Girl’

‘Steve Bannon wasn’t terribly productive when he was in the White House’


HOLMES: "I mean, I don’t think he should take his calls. Steve Bannon wasn’t terribly productive when he was in the White House. I mean, basically, as long as Steve Bannon was in the White House, the whole West Wing operated like episode of 'Gossip Girl.' All he talked about was sort of who is up, who is down, who is making fun of who inside the West Wing. The second he left and a new regime came in they have straightened out entirely and they're serving President Trump the way he deserves to be served. And now you see he comes in on the political side and destroys all that and throws a seat away in the process. Look, I would distance myself extremely quickly. The entire party and certainly President Trump is a part of that."

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