Nikki Haley: Trump ‘Showed Courage’ and ‘a Commitment Towards a Peace Process to go Forward’

‘This is just common sense’

BLITZER: "So why make this announcement today?"
HALEY: "Well, this has been 22 years in the making. If you go back and see that Congress actually passed the Jerusalem embassy act back in 1995, both parties, both sides of the aisle, have come together. This is something that unites our country. And the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, no one doubts that. There are parliaments there, there are supreme courts there, there are prooum prime ministers there. And the United States has always put embassies in the capital. So if you look at that, this is just common sense. This is just reality. What has happened in the past is every time presidents wanted to do this move, because every single leading presidential candidate has always said they’re for moving the embassy, but every time that was presented to them, you had a lot of naysayers saying why it shouldn’t happen. And they all said that it was going to hurt the peace process. In 22 years, we haven’t seen a peace process. Maybe if we do something different, we will now start to see something move forward. And so I think that’s what the president did. He showed courage, but more than that, he showed a commitment towards a peace process to go forward."

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