Chaffetz: The FBI’s Reputation Is in ‘Tatters’

‘Believe me, if Hillary Clinton had become the president, heaven forbid ... the very first person she would have fired was James Comey’


CHAFFETZ: "Well, look, whether or not they open up the investigation again, this is in Tatters. The inspector general Michael Horowitz is doing an investigation within the Department of Justice. Believe me, if Hillary Clinton had become the President, heaven forbid, the very first person she would have fired was James Comey. Now all of a sudden the Obama Administration officials are standing by this guy. Remember, when I was the chairman of the Oversight Committee, we asked James Comey as the F.B.I. Director, 'Have you looked at Hillary Clinton’s testimony in front of Congress,' when asked by Congressman Jim Jordan did she lie to Congress? He said, 'We never even looked at that.' We actually gave him a referral. That was never responded to. I think that has got to come to a close as well. If the F.B.I. is going to gather its reputation back, it has to do its basic blocking and tackling and it has to answer to the people via Congress." 

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