New ‘View’ Host Rosie Perez to Nicolle Wallace: ‘When Did You Want To Just Pop’ Palin?

‘Did the winking get on your nerves?’

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: “Let me ask you about, you know.”
NICOLLE WALLACE: “Yeah. You can say it without laughing.”
GOLDBERG: “Sarah Palin.”
WALLACE: “So, well —“
ROSIE PEREZ: “Can I ask three specific questions?”
PEREZ: “Okay. One, what was it like when you first met her? Two, did the winking get on your nerves? And three, when did you want to just pop her?”
WALLACE: “So, when I first — when I first met her I just had an emergency root canal. I was on Vicodin and I’m like it must be the drugs, but I have no idea who this is. So I went out — so she was pretty cool the first time I met her. But our relationship erupted and exploded and it was irreparably damaged after the Katie Couric interview when she thought I set her up for failure and I felt like the questions were fair. She asked her what she read, you know, that was sort of the end of the end.”

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