Sen. Sherrod Brown Refuses to Say Whether Rep. John Conyers Should Resign

‘I don’t offer my opinion or advice to him’


BROWN: “Well, I don’t -- I don’t offer my opinion or advice to him. But I, I do think there should be an ethics investigation as there is going to be, as there will be -- any time this happens there should be a full Senate or House in this case ethics investigation. I fully support that. Ask me after the investigation whether he should resign or not. I’m very concerned about this. I -- I -- I don’t know how you cannot be concerned when you look at what’s happened in the media, you look at what happened in business, you look at what happened in government. And the public clearly is paying a lot more attention to this. And this in the end will -- will, I think it will mean better behavior in the workplace. It will mean more women are empowered to speak out as they have, and I applaud them for their willingness to do that and the courage they’re showing.”

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