Mark Steyn: Media Coverage of Bill Clinton Sexual Misconduct Told Us It Doesn’t Matter Being a Pig

‘They trashed those women’


CARLSON: "A germ in the body politics like ebola. Mark steyn is another person who may have derailed the Clintons back in ‘92. Who was writing about the arts at the time. He joins us now. I hate to agree with Mika Brzezinski, but maybe she was onto something when she said that Mrs. Clinton should stop talking about the stuff."
STEIN: "I think so. This was the 25th anniversary gala of the great Clinton victory in 1992, and there were the two of them there with James Carville, and you have to bet that there were a lot of big shot Democrats who are invited to that who are no-shows. To go back to what Tammy was talking about, the Democrats are like this on everything. They weren’t worried about the Russians during the Cold War. 25 years after it ends, they are worried about the Russians. They weren’t worried about Bill Clinton’s behavior when was in the White House. 25 years later, senators are now saying he should have resigned over Monica Lewinsky. “The New York Times” ran a piece a couple of days ago called I believe Juanita. I wrote my piece in — I’m going to remember the exact date. February 25th, 1999 and the national post for Canada. I was right 18 and a half years ago when it mattered. As Tammy said, they all knew what Bill Clinton was doing, and it didn’t matter, they trashed those women. He liked all kinds of women, young women, old women, smelled women, full figured women, all kinds of women. No matter what, he liked upper middle-class women, he liked women from trailer parks. He liked women generally. And no matter what kind of woman he trashed, the Democrats piled on and destroying all those women."

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