Fox News: Latest Fox News Poll Shows Sliding Support for Roy Moore Among Women

‘Right now just 32% of women in the state prefer Judge Moore’


REPORTER:  "His wife, Kayla, is going to headline a women for Moore event down in the state capitol of Montgomery. It is to have Kayla and other women highlight what they say is Moore’s upstanding character. This event that we expect later on this morning comes as the latest Fox News poll shows sliding support for Moore among women. Right now just 32% of women in the state prefer judge Moore compared to 58% who say they like the Democrat Doug Jones better. But the judge Moore is hinting he thinks a lot of the negativity is being driven by a double standard. He wrote this yesterday. Al Franken admits guilt after photographic evidence of abuse surfaces. Mitch McConnell says let’s investigate. In Alabama zero evidence. Mitch says more must quit immediately or be expelled. No hint anywhere there that Moore is going to leave the race." 

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