Jack Keane: Trump’s ‘Reassuring Our Allies that American Leadership Is Back in the World’

‘And we are going to help them with the major issues that they have in terms of their own security’


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TRUMP: "I called on every nation, including China and Russia, to unite in isolating the North Korean regime -- cutting off all ties of trade and commerce -- until it stops its dangerous provocation on -- and this is the whole key to what we're doing -- on denuclearization. We have to denuclearize North Korea."
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HEMMER: "So that was one of his main messages yesterday, 23 minute talk yesterday afternoon on the success of the recent trip in Asia. I want to bring in Fox News military analyst General Jack Keane to talk about. Well four things I heard yesterday. He is saying pro-U.S.A., we’re back as a country. What did you hear?"
KEANE: "Yeah, absolutely. I mean, this is the same thing he did in the Middle East trip and in Europe. And people may not recognize the United States, so disengaged from the world under Obama, that the primary thing that President Trump is doing in foreign policy is reassuring our allies that American leadership is back in the world and we are going to help them with the major issues that they have in terms of their own security."

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