Willie Geist Urges Warren to Run in 2020

Giest: ‘There wasn’t a clear message and in fact that is failure is what put Donald Trump inside the White House’


GEIST: "One of the criticisms of Hillary Clinton's campaign even among Democrats was that there wasn’t a clear message and in fact perhaps that failure, you have a clear message, is what put Donald Trump in the White House. I suspect we're not going to get you to declare your candidacy for 2020 yet this morning, but if you were out-front of the party, if you were leading a presidential campaign, what is the bumper sticker? What is the message? What do you say to the voters who left President Obama, left the Democratic Party, who voted for President Obama, then left the party to vote for Donald Trump this time around? How do you get them back?"
WARREN: "You know, look, Willie, I want to start up by saying I am in an election. I'm running in 2018 --"
GEIST: "I understand."
WARREN: "-- for the Senate in Massachusetts for reelection."
GEIST: "Yes."
WARREN: "And this is not about presidential elections."  

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