Noah on How Trump Drinks from a Water Bottle: Tell Me He’s Not an Alien!

‘I don’t always drink water, but when I do, I look super weird’

NOAH: "I don't always drink water, but when I do, I look super weird." Why is he afraid to open the water? Like it's going to fizz all over him. Like, what is he doing? Like, this is a guy who, clearly, only drank soda for the last 40 years. What are you doing over there? And, also, who holds a bottle of water like it's a Sippy cup-- like, his hands are so strange the way he's holding it up to his face. And, also, when you watch it, he bends his head down to the water bottle before wrapping his lips around the top and then pouring it down his mouth. The whole time, he's making eye contact with the camera. Tell me this person is not an alien! Tell me! Tell me now! You know what I was hoping for? I wish when he was still looking for water, and he was, like, really dry, I wish at that moment, people from Puerto Rico would have come out and started throwing water bottles at his face.

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