CNN: Film Set to Release Next Month To Be Reshot Without Kevin Spacey

‘They will reshoot and reedit all of Kevin spacey scenes’


BALDWIN: "Another axe has fallen for actor Kevin spacey in a bold and really unprecedented move. Producers of what should have been Spacey's next film, 'All the Money in the World,' have dropped the actor and replaced him with someone else. Spacey was the star as the billionaire J. Paul Getty. The movie was basically in the can, shot, set for release next month. But with more sex allegations here against Kevin Spacey, TriStar Pictures and director Ridley Scott dumped him for actor Christopher Plummer. They will reshoot and reedit all of Kevin Spacey scenes. This is TriStar in a statement here saying, 'There are over 800 other actors, writers, artists, crafts people and crew who worked tirelessly and ethically on this film, some for years. It would be a gross injustice to punish all of them for the wrongdoings of one supporting actor in the film.' And according to a new CNN poll, most Americans think that harassment stories about Spacey and Harvey Weinstein will lead to positive change. 74 percent feel the attention will lead to a greater understanding about what constitutes sexual harassment and assault. And 54 percent of people think the attention will reduce the harassment women face."

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