Dan Rather in Nov.: We’re Closer to an Outright War with North Korea than We Have Been in a Very, Very Long Time

‘He said some terrible things of North Korea’

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RATHER: "Well, obviously, there are two of the biggest headlines of the week so far. The president’s language for the most part in this South Korea and moving on to China has been more muted than the language before. He said some terrible things of North Korea, accurate things but, you know, he’s handled himself well. I noted and I think I mentioned to you, Rachel, he delivered a speech after getting off to a shaky start well in South Korea but it’s hard to make out what the policy is, you know, from time to time he makes these threats to North Korea but I think if you look at the south Korean visit an then moving on to China, the following things are pretty obvious. Number one, we’ve said it before and bears repeetding that China is the key. If there’s going to be any real progress toward getting the North Koreans to at least slow their nuclear development, the Chinese have got to be a major player and I think that’s one thing that’s clear of this. The president has been at least in his rhetoric zigzagging some on north Korean policy but having said all that it would be a mistake not to recognize because it’s so that we’re probably closer to an outright war with North Korea than we have been in a very, very long time." 

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