Eric Schiffer: Trump’s GOP Enemies May Kill the Tax Bill out of Spite

‘This tax plan will help America, it’s going to help add jobs, it’s going to be great for the economy’’

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PAYNE: "Tammy Bruce is back along with Eric Schiffer, chairman and CEO of the patriarch organization. Tammy I've got to start with you because we were talking on our break that you've got the house of course which has gone through all of this drama and it's like you want the machine to come out in the last second to save them but then the Senate right now seems like whatever they have is going to be DOA anyway. 
BRUCE: "Yeah, John McCain literally said that to our partner Charlie Charlie Gasparino that in the current form it's dead and then the drama is at least in the house it's all these special interest groups now are coming into talk to us. I said this last time I was here on your show. What the House is doing is irrelevant because the Senate is going to be the obstruction and gum up the works and they are going to release their version on Thursday, which of course doesn't have anything, any relevance at all to do what the house is doing so we're going to be looking at this kind of cluster without any kind of real intent of getting something done and I've said from the beginning I don't think this will happen by the end of the year because the Senate does not intend for it to be so. 
PAYNE: "Eric, in fact Vice President pence met with the Senate GOP and we heard from Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz didn't sound happy about the higher tax bracket among other things, so we know that the drama is thick, we know the clock is ticking we also know that the GOP cannot afford any more stumbles." 
SCHIFFER: "It can't and you know, Ted Cruz also I think has issues with the whole Obama mandate and putting that out there too. They have to get it right but I'm a believer that it's sort of irrelevant on the House side, that this will come down to the red zone where the Senate will have a battle with McCain. I think you've got Flake, you have a lot of people who are anti-Trump who may look at this beyond--" 
PAYNE: "Are you saying a lot of never-Trumpers are on the Republican side?" 
SCHIFFER: "Absolutely. I think that there's a personal component to this as well, that I'm concerned about. I really am. And I hope that doesn't happen because I certainly believe that this tax plan will help America. It's going to help add jobs, it's going to be great for the economy. I want to see it, but I'm concerned about the never Trump in this case." 
PAYNE: "Well is it possible that someone would put personal animosity toward the president ahead of the well being of the American public?" 
BRUCE: "Well of course." 
PAYNE: "An elected senator would do that. You really believe that?" 
BRUCE: "Yes this is how far we've gone when it comes to the nature of whose in our federal government and this is why Trump is president because we have seen it, we've seen it go on, it's happening now, the three who were against the house plan Corker, Flake, and McCain. So of course it's personal. We've seen them facilitate whatever Obama wanted for eight years $20 trillion in debt and suddenly they're worried about the debt. No they're not. It's personal, they're bitter and they're leaving and right now they want to do damage."

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