Fox News: Secret Service Arrest Texas Man Who Wanted to Kill All White Police at the W.H.

‘Secret Service were told the man traveled to D.C. for the purpose of killing all white police at the White House’


BARBER: "He is from Dallas, Texas. According to Secret Service, they found out about this guy from police in a Maryland county not too far from D.C. Around 3:00 yesterday afternoon Secret Service says police in Montgomery county, Maryland, warned them to be on the lookout for a man. Secret Service were told the man traveled to D.C. for the purpose of killing all white police at the White House. A few minutes ago I was able to get a copy of the arrest incident report saying that the man posted this threat on his Facebook page writing that he wanted to travel to the white House as Secret Service said to kill all people as soon as they got that warning Secret Service says their team at the white House increased their posture and just started to look for the man. He was not armed when arrested. He is charged with making felony threats. He was arrested without incident. An officer overheard the suspect in this case ask a random Passer by if they thought the guns the officers were holding were real. The incident said the officer recognized this man based on the lookout information that they had from those police in Montgomery, county. The man was arrested about an hour after Secret Service initially heard about him. They say he was detained on the north side of the White House near Lafayette park, a very popular tourist side of the White House. He was transported to the D.C. Police department and now some folks with D.C. Courts tell me they expect him to make his first appearance in court today at 1:30."

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