Podhoretz on Carter Page: On One Hand He Sounds Like an Idiot; On the Other, He’s Behaving Like a Crazy Person

‘It’s an interesting strategy in the second decade of the 21st century’


PODHORETZ: "I’m serious when I say this. He is adopting a strategy that no lawyer would recommend, which is he’s just answering any and every question that is put to him. And he said in one of his testimony, 'Look, I can’t answer this because, you know, maybe you’re going to discover later that I got the timeline wrong or that I forgot some part of my meeting or something like that.' So he’s playing some kind of weird holy innocent game. I said before, It’s like a combination of Chauncey Gardner from 'Being There' and Mafioso Vincent 'The Chin' Gigante wondered around Greenwich Village in a bathrobe trying to convince everybody he was a crazy person. So on the one hand, he sounds like an idiot. On the other hand he’s behaving like a crazy person. It’s an interesting strategy here in the second decade of the 21st century. Rather than to be unbelievably cautious, it’s being incautious and saying, 'Come at me. What are you going to do? Look at me.'"

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