Sec. Shulkin on Texas Shooter: ‘I Do Not Consider Him a Veteran’

‘That would give him much more respect than he deserves’


SCHULKIN: "I think it should go without saying, this is a very sad situation and a tragedy not only for the families in the town in Texas, but really for the country. But in my opinion, I did not consider him a veteran. That would give him much more respect than he deserves. He is a criminal and I think that he was convicted and with a dishonorable discharge does not deserve to have the same title as the men and women who have served this country and have honorably been discharged. There is a distinction between those that have received other than honorable discharge and those that have received a dishonorable discharge, bad conduct. And we have distinguished between those two. Those with honorable discharges we do believe are in need of our assistance and help, particularly with mental illness." 

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