Ted Yoho: Donald Trump Will Be ‘Exonerated’ When the Russian Investigation Comes to an End

‘I think President Trump will be exonerated’

BLITZER: "It’s clear that Mueller is investigating what’s described as possible obstruction of justice by the trump White House in the firing of Comey. What the president knew about that June 2016 meeting in trump Tower and how likely do you think it is that President Trump is completely exonerated?”
YOHO: "I think that’s going to happen. He said he didn’t know anything about that. We’ve talked about this before and this is going to play out and it will work out through the investigation and I think when it comes to — all gets done, I think President Trump will be exonerated, like you said. As you started off this segment, I heard you talk about north Korea. Those are the things that this investigation will come and go and things will come out of that and people will be prosecuted that need to be prosecuted but more importantly gearing up for a nuclear test and let’s hope they don’t.”

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