Scarborough on Trump Jr. Meeting: ‘There Is Smoke There, There Is Fire There’

‘We have more information on the Russian lawyer who was there’


SCARBOROUGH: "By the way, not only did we not have any Russians, not only we — nobody we ever knew in politics ever took a meeting with an enemy, which Russia considers itself, an enemy of the United States of America. And not even in a middle of a congressional campaign, let alone in the middle of a presidential campaign. There is smoke there, there is fire there. We have more information on the Russian lawyer who was there who actually went back, gave her information to a Russian agent. They were all part of something much bigger. And we still don’t know what’s happening, but I suspect Bob Mueller very careful guy, Mueller is not going to swing for the fences. He’s going to — in baseball words, he’s going for a single, and he’s going to get it."

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