Eric Trump: Hillary Spent More Time Designing Her Victory Stage than on Her Campaign

‘This country wanted to get back to rational thinking’


WATTERS: "Joining me now is the executive vice president of the trump organization and son of President Trump, Eric Trump. What do you think about some of those tweets?" 
TRUMP: "It’s laughable. Happy birthday to the future president. That’s the exact reason she didn’t win. Remember when she had the stage under the glass ceiling. They had fireworks. They spent more time designing the stage than they did on the campaign. It’s why we ran by her earn though she out-raised us 6-1." 
WATTERS: "Everybody cried and scream because they were so upset. Now on the anniversary of the election they are going to have a screamfest across the country. A mature attitude for the Democrats. 
TRUMP: "This country wanted to get back to rational thinking. I think this country was sick of PC nonsense, politicians who never held a job in their life. People voted against that. That’s why you saw the revolution, the movement, whatever you want to call it. People were sick and tired of the old. Against all odds, against all polls, he did so well."

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