Larry Elder: The Real Russia Colluders Are Hillary, the DNC and the FBI

‘I wonder about Donna Brazille ... I wonder what her role is and has anyone asked Hilary about this’


PIRRO: "Welcome back to the specially edition of “Hannity.” More and more people are demanding answers about this anti-Trump dossier, including President Obama’s former CIA director, Leon Panetta. Take a look."
BLITZER: "How can both the chair, DNC, and Clinton campaign not know about these payments?"
PANETTA: "It is obviously something the intelligence committee is going to have to look at. Knowing presidential campaigns, they are big operations and somehow, that could be the case here. I do think they committee will have to get into this to determine what happened, who knew what and when."
PIRRO: "Joining us now with reaction is Larry elder and Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce. All right, Tammy, we have Leon Panetta. Everyone’s giving him credit because he said obviously we have to look at it. But then he took the slant — these are big operations. The left-hand may not know what the right hand is doing. What is your take?"
BRUCE: "That’s what they are always thinking. That’s the dynamic. Plausible deniability. We know the Democrats have been very sloppy. If you think about the Pakistanis running the DNC system, right? The server stuff with Hillary, these individuals have gotten away with so much for so long. They are immune. But they are not. We are finding this. I’m not was smart enough to know when something is so much of a mess, you’ve got to at least start the fire. This could be so bad that an investigation might stall of this out."
PIRRO: "All right, Larry, I will go to you. Leon Panetta, I remember Leon Panetta from Benghazi. In 2013, Leon Panettta said something like he was drinking that Clinton Kool-Aid. We did not have an intelligence warning. We didn’t have enough time to get military assets to respond to Benghazi. When we were in northern Africa, that’s where I stopped with Panetta. What’s your take on Panetta now?"
ELDER: "Well Panetta is usually pretty reasonable, judge. He’s one of the money and Obama’s security teams that wanted him to leave a stay behind force to deal with ISIS and ISIS could have been dealt with. It’s fascinating how nobody seemed to know who paid. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had no knowledge of this. John Podesta, Hillary spokesperson had no knowledge. I wonder about Donna Brazille — she played this shenanigans and got Hillary the debate customs. I wonder what her role is and has anyone asked Hilary about this?"

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