Larry Sabato: JFK Assassination a ‘Thousand Piece Puzzle’ that Will Take a Long Time To Put Together

‘It will take us weeks and months to get through all of it’


HEMMER: "Thousands of secret files are now public. Yet others remained classified despite yesterday’s mandated deadline. 54 years after the assassination of president Kennedy national archives releasing 2800 documents. Larry sabato wrote the book the Kennedy half century. He is back with us now. I know you aren’t entirely satisfied. However, just so our viewers know, this was a statement from the C.I.A., the current redactions were undertaken with the intent to protect information in the collection whose disclosure would harm national security. We’ve got the six-month extension on those matters that were not made public yesterday. However, what did we learn yesterday whether it’s Castro or martin Luther king? There is a lot in those 2800 pages that are now released." 
SABATO: "I can only give you a partial answer. There are hundreds of thousands of pages. It is 28 to 2900 document files but there are tons of things in each of those files. It will take us weeks and months to get through all of it. A couple of things that have intrigued me, little nuggets coming out as we comb through here after a very long night. One thing that I’m interested in and I was talking with some British reporters this morning, they are fascinated by one particular document that reports that just 25 minutes before the assassination, one of their newspapers received an ominous call from an anonymous individual saying get ready, there is big news coming out of America very shortly. I guess it could have been anything. I suppose it could have been a crank call, maybe coincidental but it is suspicious."
HEMMER: "This 50-plus years ago, right? Communication is — was that delivered to a newsroom in London or was that here in the U.S." 
SABATO: "No, it was in great Britain. It was in great Britain." 

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