CNN’s Bash on Inquiry into Clinton/Russia/Uranium: It’s the GOP ‘Listening to Their Base’

‘The fact that all the Republicans, not the Democrats but just the Republicans on the House Intel Committee gathered to announce that they’re investigating this’

BASH: "It's a great question. You heard the beginning of his remarks, Devin Nunes suggest that Congress wasn't informed about a potential FBI investigation. We just don't know the answer. That's a really good question. We don't know the answer to it. What we do know is the president tweeted about it a couple of days ago, 19th of October, SHAWN Han Nate at this, Fox News, the conservative news, they have been aggressively pushing this story saying that the mainstream media is ignoring it, that this is an example of how the Russians funneled money into American politics they claim. Whether or not that's true, we don't know, to try to help the Clintons. It's sort of the shoe is on both feet. We don't know, but obviously the fact that all the Republicans, not the Democrats but just the Republicans on the house Intel committee gathered to announce that they're investigating this, you know, means that there is -- that there is -- that they're listening to their base."

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