Howard Kurtz: There ‘Has Been Absolute Relentless Media Assault’ on Trump

‘It doesn’t mean all of it is not justified, President Trump has a way of inviting controversy’

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KURTZ: “It has been absolute relentless media assault on this president. It doesn’t mean all of it is not justified. President Trump has a way of inviting controversy and he does, as Senator Sherrod Brown pointed out, sometimes attack journalists. But if you look at the new morning consult, political poll, his attacks on fake media are taking a toll. 46 percent of those questioned, almost a majority, say they believe the mainstream media fabricate stories about President Trump. I don’t believe that. I have covered fabricators. I have exposed Jason Blair at 'The New York Times' and others. I do think coverage can be unfair, biased, inaccurate, but I don’t think we make stuff up."

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