Tammy Bruce: If Dems Oppose Tax Cuts then We They Are Just Simply ‘Obstruction Zombies’

‘The president is clearly rolling out what he wants’


DOOCY: "Yeah. Exit question revolves around that. Democrats don’t want to give him a win, none, zero, zip, zilch."
BRUCE: "Well see, this is where -- this is the proving ground of this, is that we know with Reagan, the Democrats did come on board. We know it will help every individual in every town in every state. If they are just simply obstruction zombies, this is the proof in the pudding of that. They don’t have to be. And this is what Donald Trump is saying. He is not just saying do it because I want it done."
DOOCY: "Right."
BRUCE: "It’s because it’s good for the country. And the Democrats now can prove that they care more about their constituents instead of themselves."
DOOCY: "Tammy Bruce, let’s see if the Democrats are listening." 

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