Trump: In 9 Months We Have Done More Than Any President in History

‘Over the last 9 months we removed job-killing regulations at a record pace’

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TRUMP: "Hereby in America we are strengthening our own freedom by appointing judges to the bench who will support and defend the Constitution of the united States. With your help we have not only nominated but confirmed the new Supreme Court justice who is doing a spectacular job, kneel — Neil Gorsuch. We have taken action to repeal the EPA’s so-called clean power plan and we ended finally the war on clean, beautiful coal. People are going back to work. They are going back to work. Over the last 9 months we removed job-killing regulations at a record pace. In 9 months we have done more they say than any president in history. And we are 9 months. And there is more to come. We have statutory guidelines. We have to go by a period of time. But there is much more to come. I believe in regulation. But it has to be limited to what we need. We want clean air and clean water by the has to be fair. And we also want, by the way, jobs.

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