Avik Roy: Susan Collins Is ‘Factually Wrong’ About the CSR Subsidies

‘Democrats want to scare people by saying it’s Trump’s fault the premiums are going up’


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COLLINS: "I’m very concerned about what the impact is going to be for people who make under 250 percent of the federal poverty level, because the funding that is available under the cost sharing reductions is used to subsidize their out-of-pocket costs." 
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DOOCY: "Okay. So you say the Republican senator from Maine is absolutely wrong." 
ROY: "She is factually wrong. That’s not how the cost-sharing subsidies work. The way it works is ObamaCare requires, the law requires insurers to offer these very low deductible products to people whose incomes are near the poverty line. And then the Obama Administration, through the back door, was subsidizing it illegally. So all Trump did was end those illegal subsidies. But the fact is there will still be financial assistance so that those individuals can afford their insurance. Their deductibles and their premiums won’t change one cent. Not one cent."

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