Wendy Sherman on Iran Deal: ‘We Are Putting American Security at Risk’

‘He’s going to find out China will not be such a willing partner if the United States backs out of the Iran deal which benefited China as well’


MITCHELL: "My reporting since last week, unless it’s changed in the last couple of days, but it still seems to be decertifying the Iran deal, saying that they are living up to the spirit of the nuclear deal, even though both the international weapons inspectors and the CIA, I'm told say that they're living up to the letter of the nuclear deal, and saying that they've been destabilizing in the region. There's broad support among allies in the region for this path going to Congress and saying, do something to tough it up, is what us taking covered action against the Iranian revolutionary guard, the Quds force, by just declaring this military defense wing of the Iranian government -- a terror group."
SHERMAN: "Yes. We're in a very difficult situation. And the president has to make this decision by October 15th. We’re expected it to happen this week. He is really bucking his responsibility as the commander-in-chief, sending this all to the congressmen, and saying, I’m going to decertify, but you decide whether to re-impose sanctions or not. So this is really the beginning of the unraveling of the Iran deal, and quite frankly, for the life of me, I can’t understand how stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons is anything but in our national security interest and the inverse for the president of the United States to say, well, we don’t think this is such a good idea makes no sense at all. We are putting American security at risk just at the moment we have North Korea on the plate as well." 

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