Judd Gregg: If GOP Doesn’t Pass Something Substantial Like Tax Cuts They Will All Be in Trouble in 2018

‘I think the survival politics overwhelms the tit for tat that is going on for president and some senators’


HARLOW: "But why do you think it doesn't hurt him? I mean, you saw McCain, Murkowski, Collins, go against him on health care, Flake went with him. But have we not seen some back -- now, they also fundamentally don’t agree with the health care proposal that was put forward. I just wonder why you think it won’t harm him on some of the big issues like tax reform?"
GREGG: "Well, health care was different. Health care, there was a real schism in our party over it --"
HARLOW: "Yeah."
GREGG: "-- because of that and included expanded entitlements, but tax reform is -- there is no schism in our party. There is a genuine belief by almost every -- by every Republican that tax reform is needed, that you need to lower rates, that you need to create an incentive for businesses to stay in the United States and create jobs here rather than ship jobs overseas, and so, we need a new tax law. So I think there’s an identity of interest there, and we are in a period which I call survival politics where basically if the Congress doesn’t pass something pretty soon that's pretty substantive, and tax reform is the best vehicle and really the only show in town now, they're all going to be all be in trouble. All Republicans will be in trouble in the next election. They understand that. So I think the survival politics overwhelms the personal tit for tat that is going on between the president and some senators."

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