Howard Dean Predicts: If Dems Run on Gun Control, We’ll Pick Up a Lot of Seats in Congress

‘Suddenly the Republican Party will stop listening to the far right extremists’


REID: "Howard Dean, similar question to you. You come from a rural state that has lots of gun owners. Will it take people who are gun owners to come out and start being public the way that gabby giffords and her husband have in order to have Congress have the courage to act?" 
DEAN: "That’s the best way to do it. Having people appealing to the folks who are so concerned about their own gun ownership and so forth is one way. There’s another way, that’s votes. Congress is afraid. That’s the problem and the Congress is a failure, they’re afraid of their own failure and extreme ends so let’s have the Democrats run on a reasonable form of gun control. The numbers traditionally are 60%, 70% that this is ridiculous what’s going on. If we pick up a lot of seats on that issue, suddenly the Republican Party will stop listening to the far right extremists." 

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