Gutfeld: Fallon’s Staff Believe Hillary Was Shafted But They Should Be Mad at Her for Running a Lousy Campaign

‘Her lousy campaign got Donald Trump into the White House’

GUTFELD: "I just came up with that. If there is a hell, that segment is on a permanent loop. When I was looking at it, I thought that it was a skit and the payoff was going to be a Trump impersonator was going to come out and say, “Thanks.” Something like that. When I realized it was real, this is how far it has gotten, that they have to appeal, not to their audience, but to their peers. What you heard from those girls’ voices, those are the people that work on TV shows, and that is the mentality, the sensibility. They are earnest, they really do believe it. They believe that she was shafted. She should be mad at her. This is what I don’t get paid they should be mad at her for running a lousy campaign because her lousy campaign got Donald Trump into the White House. One of the main reasons. They should be resentful. They should be sitting there and treating her like Mrs. Claus."

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