Dina Titus: My Bill Is Narrow that Only Bans Bump Stocks, It’s Not Doing Away with Guns

‘It’s just the bump stocks’


TITUS: "I certainly hope so. One of the differences is that the NRA has remained pretty quiet about this. And we are starting to see some Republicans open up the door a little bit and we hope that’s a good sign. Speaker Ryan said he was open to having hearings. Our office has reached out to him to encourage him to at least hear our bill. You have seen even Mark Meadows from the Liberty Caucus start to open a little bit, and some senators. So maybe this is such a heinous crime on top of all of those others that have occurred that they will let us do it. And it is a very narrow bill that just looks at those bump-stocks. It doesn't take away your Second Amendment rights or doing away with guns. It’s just those bump-stocks."

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