Hillary: In My Book I Invoke ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘1984,’ ‘Brave New World’

‘The stakes of what we face in this time are just profound’


CLINTON: "I thought, you know, this is much, much bigger than any transfer of presidential power that I'm aware of in recent history, because of the assumptions that the new administration was operating on and the brazenness of their attempt to distort reality and imposeth version of facts and truths on all the rest of us despite what we saw with our own eyes. That bothered me greatly, because I said before, if I had lost, you know, to another Republican candidate, somebody else emerged from the Republican primary, I would have felt bad. I would have been really disappointed. But I wouldn't have worried about the fundamental future of our country, our institutions, our rule of law, and this imperative of reason that motivated our founders and which is still absolutely essential. So I think this became a resonant theme with me, because you can disagree about policies, you can disagree about all kinds of things, but you can't begin to chip away at the basis of our government's functioning and our democratic norms without paying a very big price. So, yes. In the book I -- you won't be surprised -- I mention the handmaid's tale. I mention 1984. I mention "Brave new world." Because I want readers to say, ok. I may not agree with everything she says, but you know what? I have to agree with this fundamental premise that we can't sacrifice truth and facts on the altar of partisanship and the desire on the part of a particular president and his administration to control the news, to undermine the first amendment, to just create this alternate reality. Because I think the stakes of what we face in this time are just profound. And I said before, and I will repeat it here, I think that this president and the people who serve him on this alternative reality track are posing a clear and present danger to the future of our country."

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