Rep. Chris Collins: ‘I Can Assure Your Listeners There Will Be a Wall’

‘Donald Trump, our president, will get the wall’


COLLINS: "I can assure your listeners there will be a wall. Donald Trump, our president, will get the wall, whether it’s tied to DACA or we do it in another way. I know that he’s sincere and we’re going to get the wall. It’s just possibly not — and this one, we have added security built into our border security, which we absolutely need. So, I trust our president, the great negotiator that he is. He’s going to have to work at a bipartisan way not only on this, but frankly on tax reform. I’d say this is a bit of a phase two of the Trump presidency where he is taking charge. I think there’s no doubt about that. He’s going to do what he needs to do to get results, and all of us are looking for results across America. And maybe this is step one of what I’ll call phase two of the Trump presidency.”

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