Brinkley: Hurricanes Harvey and Now Irma Show Climate Change Is Real

‘People have to talk about climate change’


BURNETT: "Now, we did say he's going to donate $1 million to the Harvey recovery efforts. Obviously, that is a lot of money. Is it possible that that's just sort of who he is and the way."
BRINKLEY: "I agree. And I think thumb's up, he gave $1 million. It was the right thing to do. So we have to give him credit for that. But history is not going to look well on what's going on. Many people are saying this is a climate event. We've had unbelievable monsoons and now perhaps Irma. People have to talk about climate change. He has pulled out of Paris and is going to find himself saying Texas is going to be bigger and better. The governor today said we need $100 billion probably and that's going to be hard to get Congress to do that."

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