Scarborough: We Just Must Be in a Situation Like We’re in After the Korean War

‘We just must be in a situation like we’re in after the Korean war where leaving was not an option’


SCARBOROUGH: "I remember back in 2004/2005 asking the Special Ops guy, I said, 'Hey, did sending all the troops to Iraq distract us from our mission in Afghanistan? How badly does that hurt us?' He said, 'Well, if you take all the troops in Iraq and then add another 5,000 and invade Pakistan, then maybe you can get to the root of the problem.' He said, 'But this isn’t a war with Afghanistan, this is a war with Afghanistan and Pakistan and we’ll never be able to fight that war. The best we can do is not lose the war.' That was 13 years ago, 12-13 years ago, it’s the same reality. And even though people like me don’t like to hear this and most Americans don’t like to hear it, we just might be in a situation like we’re in after the Korean War where leaving is not an option and people like me thought leaving was an option until I saw what happened when we just left Iraq.”

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