Ellison: Trump’s ‘Judgment Is Absolutely Off,’ Dems’ Trying to Work With’ Americans Who Are ‘Appalled’

‘We’re trying to work with them because we’re trying to change what happened at the ballot box’


ELLISON: "Well, let me tell you this. I know his judgment is absolutely off. Jared Nadler and a few others have introduced [indecipherable] emotion. I think that has a lot of merit, but what am I doing? I'm -- you know, this last weekend, Democrats joined and partnered with people all over this country, we had 160 events where we were talking to neighbors about how to really build a strong, unified country around shared values, economic prosperity for everyone. We did 160 events on which we knocked on doors, made calls and engaged with our neighbors and so we are being a part of this massive surge forward. Counter to Trump's moral ambivalence. You saw 30,000 or so in Boston, thousands in New Orleans. I was in Durham when they -- the day before when people were protesting there and calling account to some of these confederate monuments. So, my point is that, look, you know, most Americans are appalled by what happened in Charlottesville. They are not slow to respond to it. We're trying to work with them because at the end of the day, we've got to change what happened at the ballot box. And the ballot box is going to be the one where we restore anybody who is willing to say we have one America and is not slow or confused or doesn't quite get it or thinks that he doesn't want to alienate his base. We want to change the outcomes at the ballot box." 

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