Dem Pollster: ‘What Donald Trump Did Yesterday Was Kill the Republican Party’

‘What exists today, 24 hours later, is not the Republican Party, it’s the Republic-Klan’


REID: "I'll throw it over to you, Fernand, because you've been pretty tough on Republicans who are not naming Donald Trump by name. Even Marco Rubio who still stands with the president. Do you think that public condemnation of bigotry is enough?"
AMANDI: "Not nearly enough, Joy. If we can be honest with what happened yesterday, outside of the international shame and condemnation that Donald Trump brought to our nation, the shaming of our people and our country, what Donald Trump did yesterday was kill the Republican Party. Whatever was left of any moral authority of the Republican Party, that they had, the denouncing of this type of hate, Donald Trump killed it. And what exists today, 24 hours later, is not the Republican Party, it's the Republic-Klan. The Republic-Klan party.
CALDWELL: "Man, I didn't realize --"
REID: "Hold on."
AMANDI: "Excuse me, sir. Everybody who continues to be a part of this party, I have not seen one Republican member of Congress or the Senate leave the party. I have not seen them switch parties. What we've seen is mealymouthed denunciations of racism, which every single American is on paper. But it's been a lot of cheap talk, and very little, joy, by way of real action. I have to say, I was really disappointed by former president bushs today, who have shown tremendous willingness to criticize many of the policies of President Trump. But even in their statement today, appropriately denounced the racism, and they denounced the hate that Donald Trump's comments assuredly brought about to this country. They didn't call him out by name. And if they as former ex-presidents, proud Republicans, are unwilling to do it, who is unwilling to do it next?"

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