Alcindor: Construction Workers, Landscapers Aren’t Questioning Whether or Not Climate Change Is Real

‘These are people who are saying, ‘We know, just by looking outside our windows that climate change is happening and we want the President to acknowledge that.’’


ALCINDOR: "That said, I just came back from a trip from Galveston, Texas where I spent all day with landscapers and construction workers, people who work outside, and these are people who are not questioning whether or not climate change is happening because in their world, as they are experiencing the environment, it getting hotter every single day and they're now working in conditions that are really unsafe. I was talking to a young man — he was cutting grass for about 9 hours, mowing lawns for about 9 hours, and one of his co-workers started throwing up violently and he was so scared for his life. So there are people out there that are really wondering, 'Whilst you roll back these environmental policies, are you going to be putting people’s lives at risks?'"

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