Kasich: Things Can Function in D.C. If Politicians Don’t Worry About Who Gets Credit

‘At the end, the American people want things to function’


KASICH: "It’s not just friends, but when people understand one another, when they respect one another, as John just said, there’s a way to define these things in a way that doesn’t mean you have a winner or a loser. And I’m reminded of that sign that Ronald Reagan had on his desk which the Congress ought to think about. He said, 'If you don’t worry about who gets the credit, it’s amazing how much can be accomplished.' And I think that’s what’s missing in Washington right now. John and I are not hung up about who wins, who loses, who gets credit, who doesn’t, because, as a governor, you can’t spend a lot of time doing that, although we have governors that get very partisan as well. But, at the end, the American people want things to function. And they can function. If you don’t worry about which party gets the credit or which politician gets the credit, it can work."

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