Boxer: Republicans Like the Tin Man from ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ They ‘Have No Heart’

‘Things have taken a very dark, dark turn with Ted Cruz and the Republicans ... I want to help them find a heart’

“We had enough votes to proceed to the debate, but I have to tell you, the top of your show was very important, because things have taken a very dark, dark turn, with Ted Cruz and the Republicans in the House meeting, and from what I understand, they’re going to end the whole wonderful action the president took to make sure that dreamers, the young people who were actually born in this country, or came to this country at very, very young ages, 2 years old, 3 years old, 1 year old, went to school here, maybe were even in the military, that they could stay here. Imagine the dark turn that that has taken. And to attach that so that he can no longer save these young people, many of whom are from my state who graduate with honors from universities across California, that they now would be put back into the shadows, that their parents could never get a chance to stay here. I cannot believe this. I don’t know if you saw 'The Wizard of Oz', it’s an old movie, but it surely comes back now and again. And sometimes I feel like the Republicans in Congress have no heart like the Tin Man, and I want to help them find a heart. Every year in this country, we take in a million permanent legal residents. Can’t we deal with these 56,000 children? Can’t we just give them their justice? And if they have families here, get them a chance to reunite? I cannot believe what is happening here, Jose, and I’m so glad you’ve been focused on this.”

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