John Podhoretz: Trump Screwed If Dems Take House: ‘He’s Going to Get Impeached’

‘I’m not saying he’s going to get convicted and thrown out of office, I’m saying that the House will impeach him if the Democrats have a 10 seat majority and if he doesn’t right the ship, he’s Clinton in 1998 and 1999’

John Podhoretz: Trump Screwed If Dems Take House: ‘He’s Going to Get Impeached’ (Mediaite

Morning Joe opened up on Thursday with a discussion with polls. Once one of President Trump’s favorite subjects, it’s not a theme he speaks about much anymore.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, Trump’s support has cratered to historic lows (even for him). The news follows a similarly bleak situation from the historically friendly Rasmussen, which put him below 40% approval for the first time earlier this week.

While bad — and inaccurate — polling has always bedeviled Trump analysis, there was a palpable (hopeful?) sense on set that this time, was different and that Trump voters were beginning to turn after the health care implosion.



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