Gorka: ‘We Will Not Allow Ourselves or Western Civilization To Be Blackmailed’ By North Korea

‘It’s not a question of peace or war, there are a lot of things that we can do’


GORKA: "Let’s look at what this man is really doing. This is calculated saber-rattling. Every single launch is an escalation. But what is really their end game? Let’s step back and take fear off the table and look at the reality. Remember 'Gulliver’s Travels,' that great story. America is a Goliath. We are a giant. 12 nuclear aircraft carriers, we just commissioned the latest one, the USS Gerald Ford. North Korea, they can’t even feed their own people. This is a Lilliputian, little flea. The fact is, they know that we are not just a superpower, we are a hyperpower. Sean, this is nothing more than blackmail. We will not allow ourselves or Western civilization to be blackmailed."

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