Van Hollen: We Need to ‘Move Quickly and Comprehensively’ to Impose Greater Sanctions on N. Korea

‘We should adopt the North Korea sanctions bill from the House’


VAN HOLLEN: "Well, my view is we need to move quickly. We should adopt the North Korea sanctions bill from the House. But I do believe it needs to be supplemental down the road. What I don’t want to have happen is any delay because I think it’s important that we move forward right away. I just had a chance to question Secretary Mnuchin, the Secretary of Treasury, in a committee hearing the other day. Actually, earlier today, I asked him if President Trump had agreed to sign the legislation that passed the House both on the North Korea sanctions and the Russia sanctions. He said he didn’t know yet. We’ve got to get moving on this. As you’ve just indicated, we’re getting urgent reports about escalating developments in North Korea, and we know that there are measures we can take economically. So let’s move quickly and comprehensively."

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