Eric Trump: Dems ‘Would Rather See This Country Fail than See My Father Succeed’

‘That’s so bad because it puts so many people in jeopardy’


E. TRUMP: "You don’t mean to tell me that there’s not a single Democrat on the other side of the aisle that doesn’t see a single problem with ObamaCare that they would like fixed and can’t say you know what? I might not agree with you, you know, Republicans with everything you want done. But here are some real common sense fixes that whatever we do with health care, we should implement at the same time."
DOOCY: "They don’t want your dad to get a win, Eric." 
E. TRUMP: "Of course they don’t, but that’s how bad the Washington system is. I mean, it's -- it's --"
EARHARDT: "It’s about politics and not the American people." 
E. TRUMP: "It’s --  it's insane. I mean, it’s -- it's truly  insane. And I’ve said it a million times, I’ve said it to you guys, they would rather see this country fail than see my father succeed. And that’s so bad because it puts so many people in jeopardy."

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