Gallego: If Trump Fired Mueller, Congress Would Respond with Impeachment

‘You cannot fire someone like Mueller who is clearly doing an independent investigation’

KEILAR: "If President Trump took the step to fire special counsel Bob Mueller, what response do you think you would see from your Republican colleagues?"
GALLEGO: "Well, I would hope that they would actually do their constitution of duty and actually put the executive in check by doing two things. One, drawing up the independent counsel that we set many years ago so we could have an independent investigation that the White House cannot shut down. And two, join colleagues such as myself that would also be pushing again for impeachment. You cannot fire someone like Mueller who is clearly doing an independent investigation, one that is non-partisan, and to fire him just to cover up your misdeeds or to cover up whatever it may be would create a constitutional crisis that the only way we could answer is with an impeachment proceeding."

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