Michael Eric Dyson Likens Tony Dungy to Bull Connor, KKK

‘Bull Connor was brave, a lot of white racist were brave when they spoke up; I`m not suggesting there`s a relation between Bull Connor and Tony Dungy’

Michael Eric Dyson Compares Tony Dungy to 'White Racists' on 'The Ed Show' (NewsBusters)

On the July 23 edition of The Ed Show, host Ed Schultz and guest Michael Eric Dyson took turns attacking former NFL coach Tony Dungy for stating that he “wouldn’t want to deal” with the media attention that followed the drafting of Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly-gay draftee.

While the other guest, national sport columnist Terence Moore, attempted to defend Dungy, Dyson compared his “attempt to justify prejudice and bigotry under the rubric of having questions about distractions” to the “light, racist viewpoints that were promoted by many white people who were not in the Ku Klux Klan” but still “resisted the progress of African-American people by undermining it.” Forget “light racism,” later in the interview Dyson compared the coach to an infamous Southern segregationist who employed police dogs and fire hoses on peaceful protesters. 

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