Fox News: More than a Half Dozen Former Obama Admin Officials Are of Interest in Unmasking Probe

‘A source close to the review, the FBI, CIA, and NSA agency have fully complied with the House  Intelligence Committee providing records that do suggest the unmasking of Americans — ‘


HERRIDGE: "After subpoenas were issued in May, a source close to the review tells Fox News that the FBI, CIA, and National Security Agency or NSA have fully complied with the House  Intelligence Committee providing records that do suggest the unmasking of Americans' encoded intelligence reports goes beyond the request of the former CIA director, John Brennan, former national security adviser Susan Rice there on the left, and former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power. The source who has direct knowledge of the works says more than half a dozen former senior Obama Administration officials are now of interest to House investigators. The subpoenas were issued by the House Intelligence Committee's Devin Nunes, who took himself out of the Russia case earlier this year after an ethics complaint was filed alleging he violated federal law and congressional rules when he confirmed during the news conference that Trump campaign associates were incidentally collected by the intelligence community. It is a charge that Nunes disputes. This all comes as there's expected testimony from Susan Rice, but whether that will happen this week is now in flux, Melissa.”

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